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Up in the Air

Starring and direction Taraneh Jahanpour and Barnie Emma

Community Art with Studio 3 Arts


The Hazelnut Prince

Story - Richard Hay

Narration - Camille Toe

Illustration - Barnie Emma/ 2020/ UK 


Art Apart

Barnie Emma/ Tutorial/ 2020/ UK

Drawing Cartoon Animals

Donald Flump

Dir Barnie Emma/ Animation/ 2016/ UK

Stop motion Donald Trump animation edited by Michelle Tsen and music by Dave Aardvark.

Still Life 

Dir Barnie Emma/ Documentary/ 2011/ UK


The story of a bowling club which is soon to be demolished and developed into flats. The hidden green and pavilion house has enchanted the filmmaker, her housemates, a 91 year old bowling champion and a Radio 4 comedian.


Nominated for Best Documentary Cannes in the Van 2011

Runner Up: My Street: Open City Doc Fest 2012

From Coats to Capes

Dir Barnie Emma/David McIndoe/Documentary/2007/UK




A profile of comic book writer Mark Millar (Wanted, Kick Ass) and his journey from humble beginnings to success in Hollywood.


Nominated for Best Scottish Documentary at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2007



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